Orlando's Sweets Isolation boxes

I'm very excited to announce that I’ll be whipping up another round of Isolation Boxes this weekend! Didn't think these would be making a comeback, but covid is as unpredictable as ever!


You’ll have to get in quick as I’m doing a super limited amount. 


Although they sadly do-nut (!!) include doughnuts like last time, they're still jam-packed full of delicious goodies: 

1x tim tam cupcake

1x cookies & cream cupcake

1x raspberry white chocolate cupcake

2 x brownies

2 x coconut cookies drizzled with chocolate


All this deliciousness delivered right to your door, this Sunday the 4th of July, for $35, including free delivery. Delivery is only available within 15km of Alexandria. Unfortunately, delivery won't be available outside of this 15km radius. 

Get your orders in now...

Orders close this Friday! 

Orlando x

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